Epic Ireland – Galway Adventure Tour

Greeted by Micheal bright and early at 8am outside our apartment we jumped into his vehicle and made our way down the road towards our soon to be BEST DAY EVER! The weather was spectacular to lead us on our way and little did we know the good weather followed us and in our dust we left trails of rain… We were nothing but luck along our journey!


The exhilarating moment before hitting the water after a jump!

The View from Tully Mountain after our hike to the top!

Our first stop was at a beautiful castle nestled in the woods with a picturesque mote surrounding it. I felt like a tiny bit like Tinkerbell as I walked around and snapped photos of the massive yew trees surrounding the area. It was like a real live fairytale, a real magical place!

We continued our drive through Connemara. I have been down this road so many times but am never bored of its beauty. There are amazing lakes with little islands galore, green forests and hill like mountains in every direction. There’s sheep and cows wondering around loving life in the lush landscape. Our next stop was Kylemore Abbey. If the first stop didn’t impress you then this one ought to do the trick! Make sure to bring your wands and cloaks because I’m pretty sure Hogwarts was based off of this beautiful gem of an establishment! Here you have the option of heading in or just gazing at it from across the lake (in my opinion the best part). This is the spot for wizarding photosesh’s to be made!

photo 4

The stunning Kylemore Abby in the Heart of Connemara.

photo 3

We met some pretty cool new friends on our hike…

Next, we joined the woodland creatures and jumped out of the vehicle, geared up in wet suits, helmets and really cool gardening gloves. We made our way through the fields and to the cliff edges. There we made our way down to the water and started coastering. Have you ever been or heard of this sport? If not, you are in for a treat, just as I was. It is now my all-time favorite thing to do! Like honestly, I would do it every single day if I could!! Imagine yourself being a 10year old spiderman… this would be my very best comparison! We had so much fun! It was like going back to our childhoods gripping our way along the rocky edges where the ocean and land meet. I’m currently not a geologist so my description of the rocks will also be like that of a 10 year old… they were easy to grip because they were very textured with shell like little ridges. This made being spiderman children very easy as you could climb up steep ridges with no trouble at all! There were also these really neat jelly creatures and when you poked them they spat out water! For all we know they could be poisonous but you have your safety gardening gloves so no harm done! Once we reached the top of the first rock we looked over the edge at the water below us it was beautiful. We looked over at Micheal with curious eyes as to what was next on the agenda, he looked at us and then stepped off the cliff! Nutso! Because Ewa and I were equally as brave, it only took us three hours of pep talking, severe counselling and a final 5 seconds countdown to throw ourselves over the edge! As soon as we experienced the adrenaline rush we had to do it again! We spider-ed our way up the cliffs and only stopped after Ewa bum flopped and I face flopped! We were then alright with putting on some snorkeling gear and exploring the sea life below us. The water was surprisingly clear and the coral/ sea vegetation below us was really fun to look at! Afterwards, we continued along the cliffs jumping and climbing along the way. We explored hidden caves and swam through a few amazing tunnels. It was incredible and this was just the start to our day!

photo 5

We made our way back to the car (we never wanted to leave) and sadly drove away from the coast through yet more amazing scenery. We stopped for coffee in Letterfrack and then ate our packed lunches on a pier looking out at old beautiful boats, lovely little Irish homes with thatched roofs, Irish dwarf ponies, lobster and crab cages set out in the bright blue bays. We then drove up tight and narrow windy roads until we reached the base of Tully Mountain. We jumped out of the vehicle again and tested our how in shape we were by sprinting up the mountain! Ok, so we didn’t really sprint, we took tons of breaks to point out different shrubs and goats along the way. It was lovely! We thought it was going to be chilly but the steep, never ending ascent, heated us up pretty quickly! It was definitely worth it once we reached the top. The 360 view was spectacular!!! Micheal pointed out little towns, tales about the people in the area as well as random fun travel stories along the way. Great entertainer that man is! On our way down, we off road-ed and wandered through ruins with the sheep and enjoyed the delightful mountain atmosphere. We were almost done our day with only one more quick stop to suntan and wander down one of the prettiest beaches I have yet been to in the area. Micheal brought hurling sticks and introduced us to the famous Irish sport. Ewa was a natural, I… not so much! Michael got to show off his swimming skills anytime the snitch (that’s not what it’s called but Harry Potter appropriate) came to me. After soaking in the rays for a bit, we headed back to the car. We drove back through the lovely landscape and chatted about our BEST DAY EVER the whole way home. It was fantastic! Not only an amazing way to experience Ireland landscape, nature, culture but to provoke adventurous senses and test boundaries within you that you didn’t even know existed!!!! If you have an extra day in Ireland, get Epic!

photo 1

As you can see, the views are utterly breathtaking through out the day!

Epic Ireland Adventures can be booked directly at Reception of Kinlay Hostel Galway, subject to availability!